Switching between objects in a scene?

Is there a hotkey to switch between the objects in a scene? I was watching a tut where it looked like they were doing this. This would be great when there are several items on top of each other.



Alt-RMB works when objects are on top of each other.


Thanks for your reply. That will help.

too bad you cannot do a shift select to select additional objects with alt rmb.


I just tried adding 3 mesh cubes directly on top of each other. In object mode, I could select any of the 3 simply by using select mouse button (my mouse buttons are reversed). The selection would cycle through the 3 cubes with every click. I could also select additional cubes using the shift key.


Thanks for the second solution! If items are on top of each other I now have a choice of actions.

I was also looking for a cycle between objects solution for other cases than objects on top of each other. For example if something is off screen and you don’t want to zoom out because your computer is slow but you just want to activate the offscreen object, make a quick change and continue your work on the zoomed area… Or if you can’t find an object - this happened to me yesterday - it took me a couple of minutes to realize the object I had just created was inside another one.

In these cases: I just found as I write that you can select objects in the outliner window and that the object is selected when you return to the 3D window. (I thought this did not work last time I tried - oops) This is a nice feature consistent with most CAD programs which usually have a “tree”.

hey pixel

doesnt work on my side I must be doing something wrong …

Weird. I tried un-reversing my mouse, it still worked. Did you add the cubes each in object mode? If you did the addition in edit mode, then there is only one object to select.
I am using blender 2.42a with python 2.4 on an xp platform, don’t know if that makes a difference.
By the way, while playing around with this, I found that it also works with vertices and edges in edit mode. Faces are kind of odd though. Split your viewport, have one in camera or user, and the other one(s) in top, side or front, make your selections from one of these views and observe the results in camera or user, play around with it a bit, you’ll see what I mean.

In Edit mode it selects Edgeloops, Faceloops if if Face-Select mode.


Fligh, you are correct if using alt+select button. I was trying just using the select button. (I don’t know if this works on all systems though.Also,I was only using a mesh cube to play with, I’ll try some other geometries.)

What appears to be going on in edit mode is that if there are vertices, lines or faces (same size) directly behind the ones that can be seen in top, front or side view, and you just stay in the view where these are stacked on top of each other, then repeatedly selecting the same vertice, line or face will walk the selection through the stack. I don’t know how useful that may be, just an observation. :slight_smile:

Edit yet again
Depending on geometry, sometimes the lines work, sometimes the faces work…must just be a fluke

i have different objects.

the first selected object turns into the last selected object but no second objects is active!