Switching from Cinema 4D, rendering text.

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Hi! I’d like to start using blender instead of Cinema 4D, it’s been years since i last touched any 3d software and i no longer have access to Cinema 4d, i’d like to use the free alternative and i’d love some help along the way, i would like to hear, or rather read, some directions on how i’d replace my c4d workflow in blender.
So, what i used to do in Cinema 4d was mainly:
-creating text objects with those sloped/curved edges
-adding glossy texture/just glossy material effect
-lighting it with standard c4d lights
-or objects with a material that had illuminating value in it’s material, so it creates nice reflections
-make the illuminating objects invisible for the cammera
-convert leters from text objects to 3d models, breake them apart into seperate shape and apply a little bit of random offset/rotation to each of them
-using thrausi plugin i’d cut them into peaces, apply the same random values as above to each of the cut out peaces
-adding physics to some or all of the cut out peaces and making them fall for a few frames
-cuting objects with thrausi, adding physics to them, making them fall on an invisible to cammera surface and creating a broken background for my text
-in the thrausi plugin for c4d you can choose the colors for both the old outside, and the new cut out surfaces, i’d like to do that in blender too
-after doing all of this i’d like to export my text to a png file with transparent background, so i’d need some advice on positioning the camera and best render settings for the sort of things i want to do, with glossy surfaces and text/objects casting shadows on themselves and eachother

If i remember some more things i’ll ask about them, for now i’d love if someone could tell me how to acchive the same results in blender, if you don’t understand what i’m talking about i might try to dig up old examples of my work. If you have any tutorials or videos on how to do this stuff, i’d really apriciate that too, i don’t even know how to look for them since i never really used blender.

Thank you very much for reading my message, and i hope you could help me :slight_smile:

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Hi, it’s been over 2 weeks since i posted this, i just thought i’d try to bump the thread so maybe somebody could help me.