Switching from Mac to PC

Hey folks…I’ve recently made the jump from 2D to 3D. My IMac was perfect for my 2D stuff but It’s starting to show it’s limitations now I’m in Blender all day.

I want to head over to PC, I’ve done a lot of research (I know nothing about the technical side which has been tough going) and I think I know what to get Ball park, but I was hoping for a bit more advice before I pull out my wallet.

I’m mainly doing Stylized cartoon and low poly scenes etc with animation…no realism or extreme high poly scenes…I really want the viewpoint to work super fast in all 3 windows…rendering, whilst it would be nice to have the big ole rtx 3090, I don’t really need super fast rendering times…my budget is somewhere between $3000 - $4500 Australian dollars…thanks in Advance guys.


P.s this was the build I was looking at

AMD Am4 Ryzen 5 5600x
Asus RTX 3070 8gb Duel
1TB Samsung SSD
MSI Tomahawk MAX 2 Motherboard
MSI coreliquid 240R ARGB liquid CPU cooler
16GB Ram
650 watt MSI Power
MSI GUNNIR 110R RGB tempered glass mid tower

This adds up to $3393 Australian dollars…my confusion is around the CPU…knowing what work I’m doing, should I be dropping the GPU down and beefing up the CPU?

Im by no means a computer geek, but, I think a GPU beef will be better.
Overall the build seems good, but GPU beefing will be better as its great for rendering, which according to me is the heaviest Job [using Cycles].
Again, I think you should get a professional opinion tho.

PS: I see you have RBG Tower. I see youre a man of culture as well :wink:

Thanks Mate…so you’re thinking beef up to the RTX 3080?

P.S the tower was dumb luck :laughing:

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I can relate I was in the same situation as you 2 years ago. I’ve been using macs for 20 years for work and home then finally made the switch. I’m also living in Australia. At work I was using a pc vendor called PLE for all our office equipment. I have to say they are professionals and know what their talking about. I got a quote for my first pc from them and two other vendors. They won hands down. really easy to talk to and answer any questions I had.

My first PC workstation was a Threadripper with 2080ti, it made me cry joyous tears when I was rendering with Cycles, Octane & Redshift. I was so impressed with the build I got the same for my home pc as well.
So my advice is do some dummy builds online before you buy anything and talk or email to the people that will build your PC. As they can foresee something that you may of overlooked.

Good luck in your build, if you need any simple things answered I’ll try to help.

Cheers Mate…I just checked them out and I’ll do a deeper dive later on tonight. I’d love a threadripper, but prices get nasty here when you add one of those bad boys to the build…one thing I have noticed doing some of these dummy builds, is the 2080 doesn’t seem to be available here for some reason…just the 2070…would you go backwards or head up to the 3060?

Cause Blender has Great RTX Integration [OptiX]. and most CPUs [like yours] can handle stuff well, so not much need to beef up a CPU
Although, again Im not by any means an expert :sweat_smile:

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I would go up to at least RTX 3060 12GB

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