switching from the 7100 GS to 8600 ?

i have 7100 , and it doesn’t run hitman 4 blood money properly , and dreamfall isn’t working !!!
when i buy 8600 , would everythinbg work , i mean , the heaviest game requires what ??

ram = ddr2 = 2 GB
cpu = dualCore 3600 …
windows XP not vista .

do you think vista is better , or more stable than XP , would the programs which run on XP will they run on vista ?

would Blender run ok on it , the same , or better
programs like media player classic and Gimp and XNview , would they work properly ???

thanks too much :slight_smile:

and is the difference between 7xxx and 8xxx is too much
and is 8800 is much better than 8600 ???

Answer to everything you need to know about graphics card speed.

I ordered myself a ati 1950pro. My gf7600gs doesn’t cut it anymore.

edit: I forgot the link :wink:


I have a (bit OT, sorry for that) graphic card related question, too.

For reasons I won’t go into much detail (predominantly audio-related use under windows) I’m looking into radeon HD2600pro (gigabyte’s silent version with solid caps). The box will dual-boot and occasionally serve as a “second” linux graphic station.

I know certain iMacs etc. ship with that card and some blender users are on iMacs.

Important questions for me are:

  • does the HD2600 generally exhibit problems known with blender and ATI cards?
  • how does it work under linux?
  • how is it performance wise, compared to i.e. GF8500 (gt) or 8600?

Thank you.


If you buy the 8600, all games will then be compatible for you.

If you buy the 8600, all games will then be compatible for you.

so 8600 will run all of them , or only 8800 runs them all ?
does those 200 make difference

thanks ,

well yes the 8600 will run a lot of stuff however if you can afford the price difference you should get the 8800gt it is currently the best bang for you buck card on the market in bench tests it stomps the 8800gts and is within a few frames of the 8800gtx and also i have a 8800gt (from EVGA) and i havnt had any problems with any games there hasnt been a single game that i have found that i cant run on full settings except maybe crisis but that game sucks hellgate two worlds portal bioshock all of these games havent had a single problem