Switching from wireframe to object mode

Hey guys, does anyone know how to switch from object mode to wireframe in 2.8? I’m pressing Z and nothing is happening, all I get is a pie menu.

Any help is appreciated, thanks.

Shift + Z

That doesn’t work for me.

Try to load the factory settings.

I still have to use shift Z, why can’t I just use Z and be done with it? Can I get all my 2.79 keybinds over to 2.8?

Look at the splash screen, you should see a option that *might help.

I see no option to use 2.79 keymaps with 2.8

It’s there. Otherwise go to Preferences > Keymap and set it to 27x.


However, pie menus can actually be very fast. Just hold the key and swipe, then release. All in one motion. The advantage of the pie menu is that you can then also more easily switch to the other shading modes, rather than only switching between Wireframe and Solid, which is rather arbitrary.

In 2.8 and forward, more users will likely also do modeling while in Rendered view.

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Thing is pressing Z key and switching between the two most used modes is faster. Every intelligent program designer knows that the less times you need to move a mouse, the better. I do not see why this is standard, it should be kept as one key options, same with select. As a newbie to 2.7 I found it extremely intuitive and easy to understand.

A toggle works when you have two options. Then you can toggle between them, and it’s no problem. But a toggle does not work when switching between (in this case) four items.

do you have any research proving those are 2 most used modes? I belive wireframe is the least used in 2.8

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Wasn’t there at some point the option to toggle between solid and wire with a press, and spawn the pie menu on hold ?

We tried it but it didn’t work well. It makes doing either operation error prone and annoying.

As someone who never really used pie menus before, this one has taught me their usefulness. A day or two using it was all it took for it to become second nature.


Ah damn. Is the distinction still there in the event system ? ie can I still bind a hotkey to either a key hold or a key tap ?

Now, you can use Click for toggle and Click Drag for pie.