Switching IK/FK actions with Mancandy

Hello People,

I have used Blender for some time know for some experiments, but now I am doing a small animation for a reel of mine.
For this I am using Mancandy. I try to do much work in the Action and NLA editor. Until now, I have made a small walkcycle with FK. What I want to do now is to mix the walkcycle with some arm movement, like waving or something like that. This I would like to do with IK but I have difficulties to mix these two actions together because I have to activate the MCdriver action for switching between IK and FK. Does someone know, how to get around this problem?

Thank you very much in advance.

Well, I think you may have your FKs and IKs around the wrong way, because normally you’d move legs with IK, but arms with FK. FK is when you move each bone individually, but IK is when you can have a bone that controls several others. In Mancandy, there is a FK/IK switcher for his arms, which I believe is what you are looking for. It can be found on the same layer as all his bones, which should be on the 2nd layer in the bottom row. You then drag the circle along the FK/IK mesh slider thing to switch between the two. Make sure you’ve got the latest version of Mancandy, because I’m not sure what version had the FK/IK switcher.

Hope that helps!

Hello Cuby,

thanks for the answer.

Hm I think it seems we are talking at cross-purposes here. I know where the switches are, and I know how to switch between arm IK and FK. The problem is to animate it. For exmple: the character is moving and his arms are FK swinging beside him. Now I want to grab something. I need IK then. But it is not done simply by animating the sliders, as I thought. This is the question I had: How to animate this switching between IK and FK.

I think my question was not carefully worded.

I’m having a similar issue. I want to go the other way around, from IK to FK.
I also want to have the starting position for the FK movement to be the same as the ending position of the IK movement.
I think it’s a similar issue. SO if anyone has a clue to fixing or working around this situation, there’d be at least two people happy to hear it.

Maybe I’ve missed something, but I had a quick go at animating an arm movement in Blender using mancandy, using FK. Then, half way through the animation, I ‘locroted’ the FK/IK slider object (the thing you move along to change between FK and IK) and then about a few frames later moved it across to IK where I locroted it again, and then continued animating in IK instead. This worked perfectly fine for me, and I was able to animate in FK for one half of the animation and then IK for the second half. To get a smooth transition between the two, just make sure you have a gap of enough frames between locrots of the slider of FK + IK.

Hope that helps. I don’t quite see what your problem is though, so sorry if I’m talking jibberish.
Cuby :slight_smile: