Switching layers - animate

I’d like to animate switching an object between layers.
I get the layer seeming to change in the object relations panel. The layer also seems to change in the F-curve editor. It seems to change in the visible layers box. However the object stubbornly refuses to appear and disappear from either layer … that is, I select each layer in turn and it seems fixed in one of the 2 layers.

Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug ?

This feature was “fixed” a few versions ago. :frowning: All you can do now is to animate the visibility and the renderability in the Outliner.

Usually, when animating things like that, I’m using the VSE video editor … rendering each shot separately and then cutting from one to the other. One big reason for doing that, is that you can easily “fiddle with it.” (In fact, I work out the whole show, and do pretty much all of the editing, before proceeding to any sort of detailed rendering.)

Kaluura, Sounds like you’re saying it is a bug then ? :wink: yes, I’d found the outliner visiblity ani works.

Haven’t been using the VSE.

I tried making a layer animation in a recent version a couple of times, and though I figured out how to do it, the process was much more difficult than the old method of simply adding a single layer key, and that was that. I hope they restore the old functionality at some point.

How did you get it to work ?

Mine shows all the appearances of working, except that the object doesn’t disappear as it should, when the key frames changing the layers are passed.

I can’t quite remember, but I recall it took at least twice as many keyframes, and was confusing.

I don’t think it will come back.

I couldn’t find the latest revision by Ton… dropped off my feed reader. Darn I need to create a history file I guess. I did find this reply by Ton in the bug report that caused the revision I remembered (disable animate feature in Relations / Layers, which was already broken by an earlier revision I suppose).

I never had problems with it but apparently some did. In the svn log Ton mentioned it causes difficulty for future dev, IIRC.

Ton’s replies in the bug report…

Layer animation is not supported, we will make the button disable this option now.
Instead, animate the visibility options in outliner.
The layer position is part of the dependency system for animation, if you animate it things become unpredictable or don’t update.


In your example you animate object layer, to replace this with ‘visible’ in outliner is not more work.
Realize that this option never worked, except for simple things without dependencies on other objects. If we offer a feature in blender, it shouldn’t fail that badly.



to quote @ce: " bwarrrrr-arg! " that’s too bad, I guess we will have to rely on workarounds.