Switching off Materials

Is there a way to switch off materials in 3D viewport so as to see the model more easily whilst working on the mesh - currently my model is gloss black so difficult to see.

just wireframe mode (hit Zkey). If you’re material has transparency, you can enable transp in the Object window (f7) and it’s one of the buttons under “Draw Extra”

Hit Z to goto wireframe. If that’s also difficult then in Edit mode in F9, in MeshTools 1 tab, turn on “Draw Faces”.


In the material buttons (F5) click the little F near the material name. This will save the material, even if it isn’t applied to any objects. Then click the X to delete the link between the material and the object. When you want the material back, go in and select it from the dropdown arrow next to the material name.


Thanks for replies.

These methods work as workarounds, but I was just wondering whether materials could simply be switched off for the whole model (instead of in bits) - but it doesn’t seem so; the reason I asked is that a particular model I have is mostly black and its like looking at a silhouette.

I suppose I need another button along with wireframe, solid, textured, etc.

EDIT: Ignore below, I am completely wrong. I argue innsuficient sleep. :-? (though I’m pretty sure I did this in a previous release)

In the editing buttons, in the Links and Materials panel, under the material heading, pick the material index, click the colour swatch and a colour picker will pop up.

This will change the colour that material draws in the solid 3d view (doesn’t effect shaded 3d view or render).

This way you can a work in a more contrasting colour of your choice.