Switching to affinity?


i’m kind of hesitating to do the switch.
is the interface kind of the same ?
the transition is smooth, will photoshop users feel right at home here ?

I would like to ditch my Photoshop subscription but unfortunately i still use Quixel suite and it is only working in Photoshop.

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Yes. I switched over a year ago and I’ve never looked back.

Took maybe a week of light use to get back up to speed.

I recommend it every chance I get.


and it can still read psd file, correct ?

Yes, and write as well


take a trial and see it in first person :wink:

I switched from photoshop to affinity photo about two months ago and I’m rather happy with it. The 32 bit workflow in affinity photo is fantastic, much easier to set up than photoshop, and it’s really liberating to edit your renders freely with the full dynamic range. Switching over was really easy, took maybe two days and a few tutorials.
There are a couple of small things that are a bit annoying in AP, but usually there is a workaround.


and you guys also used affinity designer ? it also look great.

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Concerning the psd/psb file compatability, it’s actually not always perfect. In many cases files will work just fine, especially if you have a relatively simple file without complex layer structures, but certain things don’t work the same way. For example, if you put an adjustment layer in a group, together with one or multiple pixel layers (no clipping, parenting or masks), in PS, the adjustment layer will affect affect all the layers below it, but in AP, the adjustment layers will only affect the pixel layers within the group. Things like that require manual fixing. Small things like that can break a psd file in affinity photo (clipping masks work differently as well for example and some adjustment layers like the exposure adjustment use different, non-transferable value scales).

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Yeah, since switching to Affinity Designer about a year ago, I’ve only needed to open Illustrator a couple times. I love it. And the SVG i/o is second to none. I use Inkscape for tracing or maybe a couple other things that Designer doesn’t have yet… I’ll be using PS for quite a while yet I think. I’ve been using it since v4…

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I don’t have Affinity Photo, but I do have Designer and use it quite regularly. I like it a lot.

If you’re on Windows like me, performance is really good with thousands of layers. Even so, GPU acceleration is coming down the line. If you’re a Mac guy, it’s already using Metal acceleration.

As for tools, there are a few glaring omissions. Some more basic geometric construction options would be nice. And oddly, there are no raster tracing tools. If you like hand drawing vectors, the sculpt tool is really nice. There’s a healthy amount of snapping options. If you deal with typography, there is a solid suite of text tools, and it’s font manager auto loading friendly.

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I have been on Affinity photo for a while now. It is an awesome piece of software and for me it does everything I need. Bought it on a black friday sale last year (might be up this year aswell). I don’t need PS at all and even a compatibility (export AP file to PSD) is fine (not perfect but they are still improving).

Transition was very smooth and easy, there are still few minor things that sometimes make me wanna smash my head trought the wall (very limited keybind settings, ALT + right AND left mouse button for brush size adjustment, etc.) but other than that AP is the only real competitor to PS and for such a budget price that it is hard to resist. Also development is really fast.

Let’s just hope that Serif company is not gonna become yet another happy member of adobe family.

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Thanks for the feedback guys!


Great. Now get your ass back into dev mode and finalize Scatter! ;•)

I bought both Affinity Photo & Designer. I liked them both, though of course not everything is there yet. I was ready to ditch PS but for me it didn’t work out. Both software have the same issue on every machine I tried them (I’m on Windows): if I would my edit a little the Photo would become laggy. What’s worse, the fan always sky rocket and the PC gets extremely loud.
Now they seat on my hard drive and from time to time I open them just for fun. But I can’t do any serious work with Affinity. That’s just my experience.

Now get your ass back into dev mode and finalize Scatter! ;•)

lol calm down. :see_no_evil:
the code is finished i’m just doing video tutorials and advertising this week (with ps that’s why i’m asking this Q)

But I can’t do any serious work with Affinity.

what do you mean ? i like matte painting a lot, too many layers broke affinity ?
of this is related to your computer ? and have nothing to do with affinity ?

The interface is not the same and it’s a different software, but it’s very powerful. Don’t expect Photoshop. I had to learn some new stuff but most of it was painless and quick.

I don’t miss Photoshop one bit. Both Affinity Photo and Designer are great products.


Thanks for the feedback @ambi

oh and can it recognize .abr brush format ?

Little follow up regarding performance: I think this is one of the aspects in which AP is significantly behind PS (at least for me, which may partly be due to a weak gpu, I’m not sure). It’s not ever unusable, but rasterizing upon zooming in to 100% can be a bit slow if I have, say 15 pixel layers and 10-20 adjustment layers on a 20 megapixel composite.
A way I’ve found to make it easier for me is making a copy of a file, flattening the document and continue working. Then I copy all my new layers and paste them to the master document, which works just fine for me. There is only one problem with this (and I’ve only had this happen to me on one document so far), which is that upon exporting, a file with lots of layers and effects will incorrectly rasterize some layers in the output file, meaning the exported image will have artifacts.
This is easily fixed by flattening and rasterizing certain layers before exporting, but this is one of those small annoyances I’ve encountered. (I would recommend you try creating a really heavy file to test performance for yourself, because I can only speak from experience with my own setup).

And regarding .abr brushes, yes AP recognizes the format just fine, and I personally really like the brush engine.

I tried it on different computers with different setups, Intel and AMD.
Pushing the amount of layers made it slow for me. On the Threadripper the fan spin like crazy.
For the record, more layers than what I tried in Affinity work just fine in PS.
The devs are aware of some users reporting the same issue. Test it before you buy. You might be just fine.