Switching to blender render

I love Blender cycles, but if you ever try to do a good animation with cycles, your in for rude awakening. It took me almost 20 minutes to render one good frame with objects that I needed for that animation. I have a Cuda Card 540 and use CPU compute. Cycle is tops for static images that will not animate, same as Zbrush, Zbrush is used by top illustrators that make realistic images, but I bet you will not see an animation using Zbrush or Cycles, unless you have a pixar type of studio. So I am switching back to Blender render. My problems is that I fixed my characters with blender render materials and textures UV,s and switching back to Regular Blender render is tricky, unless there is a way to get back to Blender Render?

You’re wrong. People do animations with Cycles. A lot!


I do too. But for Cycles, you really want a working GPU. I have a not-so-powerful GTX 560 which sometimes requires from me to leave the computer working all night… or several nights. I wouldn’t do that on CPU. It is utterly sloooooowwwwwww.

So, before to climb on your soap box and scream all around that Cycles sucks, fix your GPU problem. Of course, if you have a laptop, I can only suggest to hide into the soap box instead… :wink:

Cycles is also quite fast on CPU, when you use Linux and have a decent Quad Core CPU.