Switching User Turns Monitor Off

Hey everyone, I believe this is a common problem, but almost everytime I switch users on our computer, the monitor goes to sleep or something, and won’t come back till I turn it off and then on again. Sometimes I have to keep switching it on and off to get it to stay up. Is there anything I can do to fix this? Because it used to not do this. Driver update or something?

is at an old monitor ? like cathode ray crap

I’ve had something similar happen, though only when unplugging/plugging-in the monitors from the GPU’s outputs, it’s like they need to be re-synchronized or something…
Anyway, maybe it’s a bug with your OS? TBH a bit more info on your system would help :wink:

How’s it going, btw?

@derekrb have to agree with you on the CRTs, they kinda suck compared to LED-monitors (I’m on a CRT right now, and all the colours are off…)

if you have more than one monitor, check that the order of monitors is the same on both user profiles? I dunno what OS you are on, but I could imagine this happening under W7.