switching video textures problem

hi all, i have a problem switching videotextures on my 3D character in the bge 2.6 most likely due to the fact that im doing something wrong with the phyton code(which im not very good at:(
i attached my .blend file . my problem is that i need to switch back and forth between the 2 videotextures adressed in the phyton code(by pressing A and S key) i got it working sofar but the switching only works once. when i want to switch back to the previous played videotexture it doesnt refresh. im stuck on this for a while now and i would be more than happy if somebody could
shine some light on this problem… or could tell me what i am doing wrong. im at the end of my knowledge and i have a university deadline very soon. best , eugen

file is here:

p.s keep in mind that you have to add / rename the movies in the code since they are
to big to send inhere.