Swmo's 2D sketchbook

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Your sketches are done really well - I like the way you use shading and tones for your images. Look forward to more of them!

i like the girl a lot, very loose but effective style… someday i hope i can find how to be so loose in sculpting… great start of sketchbook, i will be watching :slight_smile:

edit: From above (moved 1st two images to here otherwise thumbnail won’t update). Sorry - but now comments above are in the wrong order.

Well, I borrowed a wacom tablet recently and learning to draw. Here are a few of my first attempts. Not trying anything fancy tostart with, 10 - 60 minutes per sketch. Trying to find realistic forms but in a non-realistic presentation that would be hard with blender. I am starting this thread to hopefully show that I improve over time!

First few I feel like sharing were done in GIMP.

Random girl from the Internet (this was really quick sketch):

Thank you kbot and doris!

Tonight I spent some time doing a portrait of my 3 year old son. I’m really enjoying drawing with the wacom tablet.


Not really sure what I’m doing, but just trying quick things and having fun:

Girl in a bath

Another one of my 3yr old son. He looks older in this; I checked how high the eyes are against the reference so not sure why? I’m really happy with this one though - it does look quite like him. I spent more time on it but still trying to keep the brush strokes visible.

My 5yr old:

the portraits are beautiful! also love the composition in both. wonderful work!

Wow, thank you Doris :slight_smile:

I’ve got this idea that I want to do a 1hr(ish) portrait in different styles each day as practice. It might not last very long but here is the first one:

This is the same boy as the last post but when he was 2 1/2.

one hour, amazing! again beautiful drawing.

Doris, you are too kind. Here is my next one, which took longer - a sad girl :frowning:

I started using Krita - really liking it so far.

A different style:

Another one with Krita:

My favourite one so far - also in Krita. Spent more time on it too.

More practice with Krita.

One hour quick copy of a cool photo

Another one - I’m on a kinda mission to do loads of portraits.