"Sword" 30 minutes




Wow, that was really hard to choose… I wound up choosing FriedBrain, but… for one reason only… the perfect leather-like wraps on the handle. Otherwise, i had to think about that for a while. [JoshB]'s looks the most dangerous, and Draco’s looks the most stylish… I guess i probably would’ve voted for all 3.

GUYS! I’ll be back on #smc ASAP!!! I had to move, and I’m stuck with a modem for a while so i haven’t been online as much as I’d like to be. But… soon enough I’ll be back to speed model it up. rad topic.

Hmm, [JoshB] 's photobucketed image isn’t working for me. So I chose DracoFodder 's because I just really like the style, although it could use some touchups.

Good job everybody! = )