[ sword ] - [ 30 Minutes ]





Nice model, NYPH! Too bad the tip isn’t in the shot… or were you trying to hide something? :>
classic stereotypical sword, radialronnie… I like it.
nice “sword” there, veQue… oh and Souler: what’s up with those glowing Voronois all the time?
But NYPH gets my vote.

LOOOL veQue !!! I got a sword like taht in my kitchen :stuck_out_tongue: And btw, you’re in every single speed contest, lovely life hum? :wink:

I want to like souler’s, but I can’t think of the practicality of the tang sticking out like that, and
I really love NYPH’s sword. I can’t find much problem with it.
Veque’s is… well, not a sword. As a model, I like it though.
RadialRonnie’s is missing the fuller, which decreases the effectiveness of the sword, by making it heavy, and for a longsword, that’s nod a good thing. I like souler’s as a model, but as a sword i just don’t. NYPH’s i like overall, though. Nice edge, unique hilt, interesting fuller, and I LOVE the guard.