Sword, Anvil etc. (first hard body modeling)

First attempt at hard body modeling. Started off with just the sword, then decided to add an anvil to the scene, now I’m onto a barrel and will probably add other Blacksmith type items.

This first pic is me experimenting with Raytracing.

Here’s the anvil, and as you can see I learned how to apply multiple shaders to the same mesh (with the help of you folks on this forum).

More to come.

Wow. That is one really clean anvil. :wink: I suggest dirtying it up a lot, as that will make t look like it was actually used to make something. Great sword by the way, I love the handle texture.

You’re right. It’ll look much better once I have some better textures on it. Texturing, so far, is the part I like least, mostly because I don’t feel as proficient at it yet. I just threw those textures on there to make it look as close to this as possible:


Thanks… I’ll work on the texture.