Sword Art Online Mod (Animators & Modellers)

Hello, my name is Jordan and I am the head programmer of a project aiming to bring the swordartonline experience to minecraft, but not just a mod this is a whole other project we are making the base mod(client and server stuff) but also partnering it with a server(s). this is a whole projects that will rewrite the way the traditional minecraft works adding advance ui, animations, complex combat and much more.

We are seeking for animators/modellers to come and help build the assets that will be used in the mod, the style we are aiming to achieve is a low poly stylised for mobs we have examples of some models created by myself on our discord. If you would like to be apart of this team, then join the discord and message me Discult#2381 or message the server owner Dreaded#0547.

Thank you for your time,