Sword attack-spinning bone


I’d like to do a sword fighting animation. I did one before and after a few attempts I realized that in the majority of cases FK does better than IK because of the better movement arc, dynamics etc.
But I had some problems that emerged again. Maybe you noticed that despite the small amout of key frames at one point bone, starts to go round when moving from one position to the other, which is strange because it’s not some kind of vast movement. Positions between the two frames are similar and instead of going straight this arm complicates things.
I met with this before when I tried to animate cross slash (going from upper left to lower right or vice versa) and in this case bones started to act up when the arm was raising in the preparation of the blow and after when it was going back to the initial position.
I thought then, that the immensity of the movement was at fault, but now it’s still the case.

I kindly request your assistance.

I attach the blend. file.


problem.blend (572 KB)

I hardly ever use FK on the arms nowadays.
I could not move the hips down on this rig.
I think acting out for a camera or mirror is the best way. some of the movement look a little not so perfect but as I always say “maybe you want it that way.” I can say it looks a little stiff/ no movement on some body parts.
It looks very good to me.