Sword, based on El Cid`s Tizona

Hey guys, here´s my latest Project. It is a sword based on a historical sword (Tizona) with some individual design decisions. Hope you like it :wink: c+c welcome!


I told my little brother about the sword and he asked me to show him this render. You just made his day. He said that he was happy that you kept true to the sword and it looks amazing.

As for me, it’s more than amazing. I bow down to your beautiful craftsmanship! I love the gold hilt and…wow:eek: Just wow! Now how did you do the letters? It’s just fascinating!

Thank you for this beautiful render ^J^

Very nice sword well made :slight_smile:

Thanks gmmonllor! :wink: I appreciate your enthusiasm. My Pleasure! I think that is the first Model i made i`m really satisfied with, so i´m happy for every confirmation.

i did the letters as a scaleable vector graphic (.svg) mapped it to the UV of the blade and modified it with displacement mapping. Pretty easy :wink:

Thx Alexiar!

Happy Blending