Sword by Sephiroth in 3D

hello blenderaddicts, last days I have been training some sculpt skills. So I took a magnific 2D art piece by Sephiroth Art and turn it to 3D, and I would like to share the results.

vertex paint and rendering the scene

I think is specially interesting what we can do with vertex paint technic. All colouring in this scene had been done by vertex paint. Textures only had been used only for glossiness and light bump, using the box mapping method.

The benefits of this method are the saving of time, avoiding to making retopology, unwrapping and so on. Also, (and this more a subjective point) that give a nice handmade touch to the result.

The negative points are obvious: manage a high density mesh for to apply the vertex paint is not comfortable. Specially in the area of rendering, when blender crashed more than habitual :S Also we can’t achieve the same detail level of a mapped texture.

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special thanks to Roaoao for his pie menu editor add-on. For guys like me that works in a little laptop screen, we need to keep the UI pretty optimized, and Pie menus and pop-ups are wonderful for that. Also thanks to Wahooney for his vertex color mixer add-on.

I really like this work! Congratulations :slight_smile:

Very very cool job!!!

speedlapse please!

that’s pretty good

hi all! so glad for the comments, speedlapse in other ocasion I promisse :wink: