Sword display scene

Edit: Update Below (image file sizes are large so I’m not keeping several versions up, for those on slower connnections)

that’s a really nice sword (maybe not practical, but nice :wink: )
Maybe vary the lengths of the candles a little.

Very nice indeed.

I agree with pofo about the candle lengths. Also, maybe try and find a not so uniform wall texture. A nice stone or rocky wall would look better IMO.

The sword looks great.


yeah vary the lengths of the candles add dripping wax,
the wall needs to be a little more varied try a diffuse map[someone talked about a diffuse plugin] the people at blizzard went really far with thier second scene in WC3 by actually modelling every stone under neath the king to get it to look “just right”
ooh and my own artistic vision is to have light rays coming in and lighting the sword

If you get the brick plugins from BlenderDungeon you can make some VERY nice looking brick textures. It alows you to randomize them somewhat.


the background suits a perfect scenario for your sword, everytime u keep working on it, it’s better, acn’t wait to see updates on odin’s

very wonderful, nothing but the candles to crit on here…

Ps… check out our speed modeling contest on candles!

the sword looks great. i agree with the candle crit… i have only i crit and it is not really a crit. maybe you neet the lengthen the plaque so it is the same legth as the sword. other than that it looks great…

Freakin awesome work, that sceen looks so good!!! Now, since you’ve shown off your fancy pantsy sword modeling skills and made us all drop our jaw, you must must must write a tute! I would be very interested in seeing your modeling process, inspiring stuff man!!! :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!

Thanks for the comments, appreciated :smiley:

Here’s an update:

Edit: Image removed.

Done some work on the wall texture, still not 100% happy with it though. It seems to blur where the lights are close to it.

Candles are now melted somewhat :slight_smile: I’m finding it amazingly difficult to model realistic drips of wax though :-?

To Do:

Candles still need some work I think.
Realistic flames.
Finalise lighting setup.
Maybe add some kind of holder at the base of the blade.

and maybe show how the candle holders are stuck to the wall, they seem kind of glued on. But it’s not a big thing.

Final render is here