sword fight (short film)

Hi all.

I did this for a school project. I spent about three weeks to model, rig and animate everything. During the last week, I found out that I had much more ‘paper work’ than I thought, so I was a bit sloppy with the animation towads the end of the movie. All the 3d stuff was done in Blender, I made the music in FL Studio (with samples from Garritan Personal Orchestra), and put them together in Windows Movie Maker.

Here’s the movie:

Tell me what you think :slight_smile:

Edit: I uploaded it on putfile to save bandwidth

Wow, I’m impressed for what it is and how long it took to create. I’m sure folks could critique the animation or texturing but this is great for 3 weeks worth of work.

The only thing I would suggest is maybe storyboarding out things on future projects. The shots showing the ruins at the top of the mountain seemed a little random and maybe could’ve read better.

Good job, again, not bad for 3 weeks work!


hi, is a good work. Congratulations.
for be best:
texture, detail of the characters, and velocituçy.


Whoah,That was tight i got to admit.The music really added to the suspence of it all.I still dont like the rain but i still enjoyed the film…

Nice job :wink:

Oh,i got to find those samples.are they sounfonts or wav files?

Loverly! nice and consistant, great camera angles, cool characters too =D


sweet, only the caps arent realy atached to the chlothes and maybe use texDEF to make the buildings look more like stone one’s then mud :stuck_out_tongue:
else, no crits at all!

coolest flipin short I ever saw great job

Very well don’t considering the time frame. I love the shots chosen, not just one long camera follow, nice to see intelligent editing.

Well done.

Pretty good man :). Well designed animation :slight_smile:

That was really good; you do another one?

Fantastic work Dummyplug!
You really know how to generate atmosphere with your angles. Loved the sound too.

Thanks for all the replies :slight_smile:

One of these days I’m gonna come back to this shortfilm and make it better. But now that I’m finally done with this, I can spend more time learning new stuff in Blender instead of focusing on getting things done in time.

D_structorr, I’m planning on making another short film :P. The next one won’t be as big, though. It’ll mostly be for practicing facial expressions and soft bodies and such.

You made good use of camera movement to add additional sense of action to the film. Great work! Thanks for sharing.

Cool ^^; I kinda liked that film you just made; still got the song stuck in my head (great job emphesising action to the music^^; -If you got that idea from me, then watching x-men all those years had some usefullness; if not, you still got some directing/ staging / other skills :slight_smile:

about damn time, great short

about damn time, great short

Very nice camera work, it really made this a great short.