Sword (i know its not original)

iv been focused upon the GE for the past couple of months. but i had a spur to model, so i came up with this sword. it took me about 2 hours to make + texture. i think its done, but i might update it depending if i get some crits from you guys.

here it is.

C+C plz.

thanks in advance.

The tip of the sword looks odd (it’s black) and the sword doesn’t look particularly sharp.

The colors are oversaturated in the middle part of the sword. -> alter lighting?

The handle looks fine.

Overall decent work.

update. i changed the lighting and got rid of the black tip. i hadnt noticed that.

The blade’s edges still looks too blunt. If you’re subsurfing that mesh I’d advice on adding creases on the edges, should make them sharper.

(They’re added using Shift E, but it I believe that one crashes in Alpha-2 while using subsurf, so save before trying to do so. In later versions such as the Alpha 2 you can set crease-strength in the numercial-window too (N through 3D-view))

The blade-material looks a little bit plastic too, should take a look at that.

Except those two things it looks pretty neat, good work!

I agree about the material settings for the metal.

I think where the gold part in the middle wraps around the blade looks a little weird for a sword (not very practical). Maybe if those parts just came to a point at the edges it would look good.

anyway great model. well done.

Almost right. Alpha-2 crashes while edge creasing if you have the mirror modifier set and the ‘do clipping’ button pressed.

The ‘rack’ (the thing the sword rests on) is somewhat undetailed. Also it looks, to me, like the rack is floating above the ground and sword is floating above it. Maybe its just me.

Ah, thanks for correcting me then !

There looks like some subsurface problems in the points of the gold near the middle of all three sections of the sword. Also you have 3 jewels in the lowest and only two in the upper two. Perhpas add one in the middle or center one in the tip section [ (***)(***)(***)] or [()()()] just a thought. The handle looks good from the angle of the render. Blade looks extremely dull, although, something this ornate might be purely decorative anyway.

Pretty cool man, good work.
Just 2 small crits:

  1. You have 3 jewels in the top section, yet only 2 in the others which
    makes them look kinda empty.
  2. In the lower 2 sections there seems to be a kind of crease in the
    middle which doesn’t look too pretty.

Other than that great work.


The metal needs something to reflect to make it more metally. I would suggest using a skymap.

I’d stop using subsurfacing alltogether and use autosmooth instead to smooth out the flat areas only.