Sword in a stone.

Hi, I’m Joel and this is my first post on this forum, i hope to learn much here from all of you! :slight_smile:

This image is the result of an ‘assignment’ i got from my dad. I used about 4 hours on it, and would like it very much if you guys could comment and critique on it. :slight_smile:


hey nice work!

got some critique :wink: haha
ofcourse this is all opinion based.

if you didn’t put the word sword in your post i wouldn’t know that this was a sword this is because this is not the normal sword shape.
the cubes distract from that but you can do a lot with lighting. so if you have a little bit of light coming into the scene to show the side of the rock and a bit of the shinyness and sharpness of the sword. this way you don’t have to guess what the object is and your attention is even more at the sword because of the light.

Changed the direction of light and I fixed the metal a little better on the sword! :slight_smile:

Does it look better? Is there something more to make it look better?

I just posted the same post 2 times, and don’t know how to delete 1 of them! So i just edited this one.