Sword In Grass!!!

After a couple days of modeling and materializing in cycles, i finally made a sword displaces grass in a field.

Thank you for taking a look, tell me what you think.
Next project… low poly grass planes.

Is displacement generated or hand-crafted(drawn)?

(and dayyymn, noice sword!​)

The idea is nice… but bright it up man! add the wow factor

  • the lighting can be improved a lot.
  • add some shine to the sword with a nice reflective glare.
    add some color viration, sun flare, and other cool effects in the compositor.

Yeah, man, definitely bump up the luminosity of those lights. I can tell you’ve got a little bit of yellow going on - why not make that volumetric? And to finish it up, add a tiny bit of defocus, maybe some glare?

Yea, i have to agree the sword does look a little bland at the moment, ill see what i can do. And the grass i hand combed and edit to get out of the way of the sword.

Add a sun lamp set to 5 or 6, aim it at the hilt, render it, throw in a color correction node in the compositor and turn up the gain for highlights.

Other than that, great work!!! Grass looks great!

If that sword was in a battle, it must be degraded, it looks like if it were new but is a cool model, You can add an effect of a shadow of a cloud hitting the sword (the shadow).