Sword in skull

Hi there, I’m gonna be working on my portfolio and try to keep an organized workflow, from concept to block out and so on.

The idea is a fantasy setting with the remains of a large monster and a sword stuck in its skull.

Here’s the blockout.

And some doodles from I was trying to get an idea for the scene.

This list is for the order to work on the assets, starting with the monster skull.

Progress for the skull so far.

The bone texture comes from Musgrave and noise shaders.
Happy weekend. :wave:


Cool beans.

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How do you make the color diagram image? is that just in blender?

And your “block out” looks already good.

Hey, thank! :grin:

For the diagram, I made a render in Eevee with the freestyle checkbox on and just some basic colors mats for each asset. also I unchecked ambient and reflection to make it a bit more flat.

hope it helps.

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Awesome design work

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The Blockout looks like a finished render to me TBH

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Reworked the textures for the skull, I’m happy with the changes. after this, I’ll start working on the sword.

thanks for all the comments! :grin:


Progress on the sword took my early sketches I combined some elements.

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More progress on the sword.

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Update on the sword, finished the shaders, for the metal and handle all comes from noise and musgrave nodes. the cracked gem was the last addition but I like how it looks:grin:

After this, is time to work on the trees

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