Sword in the stone gone too far

Here’s my latest WIP. Currently in the modeling stage, but soon to move onto materials. If I have the energy, I might put some people in the back there observing the situation.

That’s a cool concept you got there! I realize this is at an early stage, but here are somethings to consider:
The poses of things suggest a vast amount of tension was accumulated before the sword snapped.
That means that there will be quite a bit of violence occurring at the breakage point. I’m thinking it would look really good if you would model several ripped metal shards, and use a particle system to place them around the break point. Also, a few sparks would look good too.

In my opinion, the chain attached to the hilt needs to be give a little slack. Judging by the standing of things, the chain was pulled right before the sword broke, but when it did, the chain pulled the hilt back a ways, which means that it would be a little bit loose.

The biggest gear looks impossible to turn. The teeth are too fine.

Outside of the things mentioned, you have got a really good piece in the making. I love the smoothness of the walls (hate hard edges), the machine looks fantastic, and the cameras add to the indicated feeling of suspense that was there right before the sword snapped. Keep up the good work!

Thanks, you have quite a few good points.
I doubt a sword that thick (and supposedly legendarily strong) would shatter when broken, and the sparks would probably confuse the viewer and won’t make it clear that it’s broken. However, you have given me a good idea… you’ll see.
But yeah, definitly i need to add some slack to the chains. and fix the gear. and make the contraption actually touch the ground (i originally intended it to all be on grass… then blender kept crashing, and i had a better idea :smiley: )

PS, that hole in the wall is not for nothing! i just forgot to model the power cables…

This scene is looking awesome so far! There’s really just one thing that jumps out at me as being physically wrong. I think that the broken-off hilt (at the time of this render, just moments after it snaps) would be positioned and rotated differentially. Maybe move it to the right a bit and rotate it clockwise a little.

Good luck with the project, it looks promising :slight_smile:


Great concept so far. Only one suggestion, perhaps the sword would have bent somewhat before breaking because its under a lot of strain or it might have broken lower down.

Keep up the good work


Everybody is a critic, including me, so to begin, fun concept and mesh construction. Some logic and construction elements jump out at me. The belt needs to be toothed, or the drive wheel needs to be smooth. I would go for toothed given the tensions involved. The wheel on the drive would be smaller, driving a bigger wheel, for force translation, and for the life of me, I can not see how the upper portion would actually move, as the support arm makes the upper section rigid. I can see that the big wheel would turn, but not how this would ever pull the chain. The other comments were also useful, but this is what struck me.
If it is just for fun, on well…, but usually most “Rube Goldberg” devices, if tracked, will seem to work. It is fun to look at, good luck with the effort.

sweet, thanks for all your comments. here’s what i have so far:

and here’s a closer look at how it works. I doubt i’ll keep the origins of the chain like that, with that’s for another day. or another post anyways.

Sweetness, that looks awesome! Question though, do the two gears actually mesh together? It looks like they can’t because of differences in space between teeth.

haha maybe? lol you’re right, they dont… maybe at the end I’ll redo the smaller one (way easier)

materialisation time i think :stuck_out_tongue:

the gear’s shaft are way too small for a realist model !

but coming along well

add some rusty material and texture it will look cool!


done a little texturing today. And yes, I know, the gear’s texture suck. I’ll get to them soon don’t worry.
Recognize the rock anyone?

Ok I’ve been following this and I like it ALOT. The whole science Vs. fiction thing going on here is great. I like the idea you mentioned of the people behind the window. I can just picture 2 guys in labcoats with clipboards rubbing their chins in anticipation. All of it looks good so far, except one thing is bugging me:

The main belt (from the engine to the small gear) looks way too small. It almost looks like a rubberband that is supposed to crank this massive gear, let alone pull out Excaliber :stuck_out_tongue: I think changing the thickness to it would scratch that itch.

thanks dude. Hmm, good point. I’ll add that to my to-do list.

i realy like it.
i would add something to secure the weel to the ground like the way you did to the stone.

A few more points.
I do recognize that rock, and in my opinion, I think it really let’s everything down.

The blade and chain should be animated to allow for motion blur.

Make the power cord, and the little drive belt a different color, It will help with readability. (cord dark grey maybe?)

As was mentioned, the first drive belt needs to be bigger, thicker. Also, it can’t be perfectly tight like that. Give it some sag in the middle.

More to come as I think of things. :slight_smile:

Remembers me of the description of a test facility on stability of offshore wind power plants wings. But there the force comes from hydraulic cylinders pulling down on multiple places along the wing.
The rubber band thing i mean the one above not that transmission one, confuses me too. Some hints on where is clock or counter clock direction at one place?

I find the scene a bit haphazard and confusing… meaning the story is inconsistent. For example, there’s not enough detail to determine what this facility is, why did they bring the rock there? They have cameras, but to what point? Gearing up a chain means there would be a lot of torque and the chain seems too feeble to drive breaking a sword. Also the cameras being a more modern technology, the drive generator feels much less modern. I do agree with the others though, the foundation of fantasy meets science is an excellent idea, I’m just not feeling it coming together yet, the complete story needs to be thought through.

I think everyone have made some very good crits! take heed Greg!
I think you should add some buffer geometry to make all the edges of the room generator and the window sharper. I am also quite confused how that mechanism would perform in reality, some bits are seemingly very flimsy looking and other sturdy. But over all I think it is a great concept and I an envious that you thought of it first! I will love to see it completed.

Thanks for all the crits guys. But just understand that this is a WIP, so I’m just trying to get the basics done, then I’ll put it in the focused critique section. But still, carry on criting, I just might not fix whatever it is immediately.
Anyways, heres an update:

W0w! Looking good!

Things I like:

The floor! Awesome reflection and texture!
Security cameras! They look real!
The metal texture on the big gear! Amazing!

Things that IMHO need work:

The wires going to the cameras need something to hold them on the wall. Maybe staple-like objects?
The rock. It’s too shiny. That and it’s yellow colour make it look like it’s from a fantasy world (dosen’t really seem to fit this scene?) I just (yesterday) finished writing a small tutorial on how to achieve realistic rock textures so it may be of help to you.


Could you briefly explain how you made the metal texture on the big gear? Thanks.