Sword in the Stone

Trying to recreate a scene from the old tale, I guess everybody here knows the story:yes:


So much geometry… damn that will take me a week to render on my pc in cycles.
I like it, but you could work a bit more on it like adding some disp on the rock and some variation on the ivy maybe some details on the trees and also some variation on the environment in general.
The lighting and the composition is great though.
Good job. :slight_smile:

thanks and yes, there are lots of thing going on here. especially the ground plane, it got like 4-5 particle system. try to get a deep forest feeling there but still not quite there. lol

I think the sword should have more interaction with the forest. So I add the tree branches, as if the forest are protecting the sword until it’s true owner arrive. Anyway, this new version is just my spin on the story…

@ForgottenWorld: Zelda Master sword ??? :stuck_out_tongue: No, seriously i like this style, but it would be nice to se a higer res picture please.

Looks great! Only things I noticed was the particle system on the left tree looks too uniform and not very realistic and may need more variation in shape - all of the leaves seems to be the same shade of green also. Is there a UV edge/split on the right hand tree near the top (last image) also?

Its a great image, I really liked it!

I like the image so far, but I would suggest varying the colors of the leaves in the particle systems - if you look at plant life, each kind of tree has a different color of green and intensity - it could help your display of depth without adding too much more geo.

hmmm… sword of the hero and sword of the king, i guess it does have similar theme. Anyway, i still got some texture problem that i need to work on

To me, the “blown out white” sky continues to be objectionable … partly because it has the effect of obscuring the key subject of the image. I suggest that the sword above all should be solid and crisp, even if a haze of light reflecting among the mists of the forest stands in front of it or around it. The treatment of the vegetation is absolutely stunning (!), yet the stone should be rugged and crisp beneath it. Don’t allow the key elements of the image to be washed out. And if you’re obliged to use compositing to get this, do so.

More update!

Very nice improvements.
Great work.

well, I guess this is done then??

Good work here. May I ask how you managed such detailed bark structure ?

^Actually, it was very easy, you just need to mark seam on the mesh and then UV unwrap it.
be sure to mark the seam on a place that can’t be seem by the camera tho, or else it will be very obvious.

When I hear the words, “Sword in the Stone”, I think of the legend of King Arthur.