sword lance

ok after a few hours wonder wtf am i going to make i finally went brain dead and didnt think about it and this is the child of a thoughtless creator XD hope you like i give to you the Beast


You could set up some better materials, eg reflections and better lighting and it’s a bit hard to tell what the model actually is supposed to be.

Since you posted a new project immediately after the last one I guess you don’t work on these all that long. Maybe you should decide on a topic and work on that for about a week or so and try to give it your best shot. Post that in the WIP section to get feedback and after you think it’s finished post it here.

i made all of the ones i posted back to back yes but it was also in the same window with out saving. the lighting i was playing around with it and that was the best i could do

Well that was kind of the point.

A few minutes of fiddling might be good practice and whatnot but it’s hardly a finished project.

I’m not trying to make you feel bad I’m just suggesting you put a bit more effort into these projects before calling them finished. It’s fine to be new at something that’s where everybody start. But doing five minute doodles and calling them finished and posting them here just because you couldn’t be bothered to work on them anymore comes across a bit lazy.

If you on the other hand really put effort into this then I apologize. I just got the impression you didn’t.

ben it is true on the simple shapes i dont spend alot of time on, these was just a education tool for me. if you look at some of my other models, IE alien head… that one took me two weeks to complete i have been working on a number of projects for someone. he is creating something big all he asked me to do was learn and explore. now that ive done this the final step is the alien head from there i am going to insert armatures to give a better creepy feeling. i just might make it talk one day… and a wise man told me never to apologize it shows a sign of weakness. i understand that everyone on here is giving me advice to make it better. and i really do thank all of you who do that and are helping me get better. i also understand that everyone here is alot better then i am on blender and that leaves me to another point. does anyone have a audio chat service to tutor me and make me alot better. cause in the tutorials on blender cookie there are some restrictions and on youtube they move too fast for me to keep up. i am willing to learn from the best or just from someone who knows more then i do, when it comes too blender.