Sword logo thing

Hey this is my pic, I am kinda new with Yafray n such so I cud make it bttr once i get used to it. But I am probably gonna add flames in the background and such. but here it is…

so wutcha think?

PS: anyone have any really cool lookin flame pics i cud use for my background?

i see that you got the reflection on the sword to work.
the water on the earth looks really bland and i think that you should increase the spec on the sword alittle but other then that it is turning out quite nicely.

Nice texture for the Earth. I’d try to find a water texture and map it to specularity though; it could add a nice touch. Nice concept, too. Just curious; how did you eventually manage the reflection on the sword? I saw you were having trouble with it before.

I found several fire pics:

http://sprott.physics.wisc.edu/fractals/collect/1994/FIRE.JPG (Looks pretty neat when small.)
http://www.ci.mankato.mn.us/safety/fire/fire.jpg (Fireman probably wouldn’t be seen through sword and earth, so it looks good.)
http://accad.osu.edu/~smay/RManNotes/StochasticPatterns/fire.512.jpg (Not all too great, but usable.)

Just remember: Google is your friend :wink:

I tilted the sword to about 45 degrees and scaled some of the verts so it wud look normal… since the camera isn’t moving at all it’s all good 8) … I am working on gettin the water to work better… i noticed it too, but yafray screwed up my bootiful water in my original! :wink: does anyone know how to get the stucci tex to work with yafray? cuz it worked with normal blender, but it wuz all spoted so I used yafray n now the sword looks good… but ya… thanks! :wink:

sorry I forgot to thank u for the fire links…