Sword movment drawing.

How to draw sword movment?

Can you be more specific in your line of questioning?

Do you need to model a sword (draw)?
or to you need to animate a sword (movement)?

I have sword anim. But how to make some kind of line or somthing coming if you use the sword anim. in GE.

well you make an anim of the sword,

what he is trying to say actually is how to make the ‘‘slash’’ effect when he swing a sword, like if the sword is drawing a coloured line in his path of mouvement

if your not using armatures, you could use a simple add object, but with armatures…good luck!:eyebrowlift2:

i think this is what are you looking for:

I tried to use it for a sord but I didn’t manage to make it work since the empty cannot be parented to the bones …

maybe you have find a solution ?

Martinsh Thanks.
Parente empty to your obj what is paranted to bone (hand, gun, sword…).

nope, it wont work because the bounding of the ogj (handgun sword) isnt affected by the bone so the use of action wont work, but using IPO will work but would be a bit messy to work with

Here’s my example: http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?t=107009
If you like the images I can upload the file or make a tutorial for you.


You could create a plane, then use uv alpha and make it look like you want? Like his bright glowing slash? or like a fast cloud looking slice, or stars

What ever you want it to look like. Just make sure it is shaped like an arc. The move it with an ipo.

Do you use an ipo for the slashing?

Turins slash looks really cool too. I know the tuts he is talking about, they are fun… and this is a good example of how you can apply them.

Hope that helps

that is how would it do it , blend
and the blend uses this technique
and as long as i can remember wiseman created something but with python