Sword of Omens

Hi all,

I’m very new to 3D Design and to Blender but I love it! I’ve made lots of little pieces just playing around with it but this Sword of Omens is the first ‘serious’ piece I’ve tried. I did it a few weeks ago and since then I’ve learned about texture painting and how to use material and render nodes more effectively so I guess I’ve got no excuse not to try and improve this model at some point. So I know it’s far from perfect but here it is anyway!

All feedback and advice is welcome!


It’s nice! It would indeed be nicer with textures and materials :wink: good modelling though. Don’t forget to use an HDR map to have nice reflections!


Thanks for your comment. I have learned how to use textures and HDR maps now so I will definitely re-do this render at some point to try and make it look better!