Sword Of Zelda Mantaflow

I am still adding to this project and this is the latest image:

This is an updated version given that the sword was very lonely I added it´s partner.
I made some changes to materials and grass.
This image is with denoise node:

And this is OLD version without denoise node:

I think some noise make the image look a little more realistic, I will start working more on the grass and then proceed to render the animation; This single frame took about 22 minutes and 200 render passes, I guess I could optimize the scene and the particles systems .
Thank You friends, Any advice would be very helpful
Old post:
Hi, I have been playing with mantaflow and it is very cool, I am making an animation but due to my cpu reaching 95C I decided to stop till I can get better cooling.

sword grass light2|600x500
Denoise node, I think, may seem the image a bit blockier

This is with different configuration and no Grass.
I like the rather whiter and cleaner smoke look.
Thanks for checking in, I will try to post an animation very soon.


Here, some more pics and lighting adjustments, any comments are really welcome!

Very nice. Keep it up!

Hi Cholmberg, glad you liked it, it means a lot in these terrible days, currently I am making some tests with particles and I hope to upload a better grass, I guess now I will have time to finish the animation given that I have to stay home for 30 days due to damned corona.

Hi there, I added a couple of pictures, experimenting with grass and denoise node.

Hi! friends, I added the shield and will start fixing the grass.

An updated version with denoise node and somehow fixed grass and light changes.

Hi, this is a new render with new grass and modified compositing.