sword problem

first of all i’m sorry for my very bad english (I’m German),
but i’ll try my best!^^
My problem is that i don’t get the sword (in my game) move with the hand of my player. It only works if I make the sword a child of the armature and
give it the same vertex group as the hand. But then only the vertexes of the sword move and not the hole object (I mean the little purple point in the middle of an object). Please help me! here is the .blend file: (in a minute!)

It’s probably not going to help to post. Right now, an object can’t parent to a bone in the game engine. You’ll have to find a work-around. The only one I can think of off hand, and it would be pretty tough to pull off, would be to run an ipo animation of the sword at the same time as the body animation. Or something to that effect, for instance, an invisible plane that moved the same as a sword animation that you could use for collision. I assume that’s why you want the object location to move. An ipo parented to the armature would actually move the object.

thanks, i`ll try it!
here is the .blend: http://www.filecache.de/85690126

You can also parent the sword to a bone within the armature.
Here’s an example:

You’ll notice from Frame 1 to 11 that the katana moves with the arm.

That’s the same thing he’s talking about, though. The center of the sword doesn’t move, only the vertexes.