Sword & Stone Scene

I saw couple of people making this type of scenes on this site so thought I’d give it a shot. I’m not perfect at blender and still learning things every day. My PC is absolutely terrible so it does set me limitations. The sword is still work in progress and background needs to be improved. Few more objects will be added to improve the scene.

Any suggestions on what objects I can add in the background? + Any feedback on the current scene? :slight_smile:

This is the sword before any improvements.

Sword after couple of modifications.

Updated: Background, Materials

I really like the stone and the orange spots on the grass as well as the grass-flow!
The sword also looks good although I think, the handle is a bit short compared to the huge guard.
The background could maybe benefit from some trees.

oooh Swords!!

I agree with Oblovon, the handle needs to be longer, to get the proportion correct, other than re posting what Oblovon has already pointed out, I would probably make the stone more pronounced “stick out more”, or “bigger” as it were.

Thanks guys!, I’ll get working on that straight away :slight_smile:

Took your advice on board and made some changes (added trees in the background, played around with the materials a little), Here is the result. Still need to correct couple of things, and texture needs to be added as well.

Your feedback will be much appreciated. :slight_smile: