sword swing

hey again!
im wondering how to make a sword swing that looks nice, just like this one:

please skip to minute 14:00 to watch the fight

i have read that i should put duplicated versions of the weapon parented with slowparent, but this is not what i want, as i looks bad(atleast for me)

Ok, so any swing, in realtime

Build a “rig”
armatures + rigid bodies + 6dof + python or logic initiated force impulses…

or a wii-mote…

this .blend is a old part of my component core

you can build a 6d0f mechanical system for just about anything :slight_smile:


Parenting.blend (629 KB)

this way, the motions are torque, and the “collision” of the blades will not be pre-animated :slight_smile:

I have compared actions vs skeletal deformations vs a jointed doll, with no deformations, and skeletal appears the most robust,

sorry, but im happy with actions, and what you posted is not what im looking for.
what im looking for is this:

you can see the swing in the sword of the bunny
oh and sorry about the bad quality in the image.

During the swing until “collision” the blade maintains a angle vs the angle of the wrist, trailing just slightly, and on impact the angle changes dramatically, depending on how “soft” the target is, this could be done with mixing a few ending result actions/ frames,

like miss, hit, hit blocking

i think hes talking about the visual effect of the sword. the blurryness.

Ahh, just spawn a “ghost” alpha sword, that stretches a little each frame, and then have the original “blink” 1 frame visible 1 frame not

My plasma uses it :slight_smile: having multiple sets of “blinkers” = alpha clip animations

no, the trail is not real, the trail is a effect created by the speed of the sword seen by the human eye, the trail itself doesn`t exists

yep thats what i was talking about

You have to have another object.
Create the blurred one (I suggest an alpha image on a plane) and then scale it based on the swords speed.

I think you can search for “trail” or “trailing”. This topic comes up from time to time.

thanks, ill try this one

oops sorry, i didn`t realize that