Sword Test for a Contest (Post any improvements)

This sword is for a game weapon contest.

The Background is a random HDR for quick test lighting so ignor the background.
Any feedback about improvemets would be very helpful and appreciated.

i cannot see, what you want to achive. it looks like some sort of crystal structure, but if you want to show this, you need more faces. the blade is an interesting concept but seems a little too random for me. the grip is rubbish. nobody would be able to handle a thing with as much kinetic power as a sword with a grip like this.

Yeah I agree about the grip. The model needs to be low polly and I am nearly on the limit. The grip I will change it to something that can be grabed more easly. The blade i wanted it to look random because it is a fantasy crystal sword. Thanks for telling me how I can improve this model. :):):):):):):):slight_smile: