Sword Trails

How would I go about making a sword trail, without using an armatured mesh, or a plane-emitting sword object? I’ve tried both methods, and niether of them work. The armatured mesh is too sloppy, and the plane-emitter leaves gaps in the trail… :frowning:

Is there a python script I can use to do this, or something? I need a congruent trail with no gaps, preferrably automatically-created.

Maybe you could try a single plane with an animated texture faded to black at one end. It may be difficult to see all the time though. I don’t know how setting it to halo would work.

Mooman made something like this in his special effects demos, maybe you could do a search for the post.

That wouldn’t work for sword-curving attacks, though… :-?

yeah, it emitted planes. :wink:

yeah, it emitted planes. ;)[/quote]

Oh, that’s what I thought. %| Well sorry, can’t help you. :frowning: