Sword trails

Sword trails always give so much more emphasis on how fast and strong the sword slash is.

I was playing majora’s mask a few days ago and discovered the infinite sword glitch where you would slash anything that came near you. Your sword always had it’s trial following the sword, even while not slashing (because of the glitch)

The trail followed the sword perfectly still with the glitch, so was there an algorithm to it?

Is there a way that I can do that same thing, and just enable it when I want it to happen, and disable it when I don’t? Is there a way so I don’t have to make shape keys for every sword attack?

How did they do the sword trails in Zelda : Majora’s Mask and Ocarina of Time? That’s my real question.

Bye everyone!

Try using an add object actuator, with a semi-transparent sword appearing. This ‘sword’ stays still and collides with nothing, and disappears after a fraction of a second, but a new one has already been added.
Did you get that?
It’s a similar thing to adding smoke trails on spaceships…

Hi Linkxgl,

I know this was discussed multiple times, resulting in various (good) solutions. I haven’t bookmarked any of that, but you should find them by searching for sword and/or trail.