Sword WIP

This is the first 3D model I’ve ever done so please critique as much as you’d like. I got the inspiration to do this from Neal Hirsig’s Blender 3D design course (http://www.gryllus.net/Blender/3D.html) project for a magic sword.

This model shows how much of a newbie I am as I’ve only completed modeling the blade part of the sword and this alone has taken several hours. I’m sure a more experienced Blender user could have done the same amount of work in an hour or less.

anyway, here ya go. The creases you see in the blade are there because I haven’t done Set Smooth on the mesh yet.




The material looks very good,and the sword has a good shape.

thanks master danix!

agree. Keep up to see the progress :wink:

i agree, I expecially like the material

It’s good to hear this praise about the material, I personally had been thinking that the material was the weakest part of my model so far :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m in the middle of modeling & shading the guard, but I’m having trouble figuring out a good material for it. Some type of wrought iron came to mind, but I’ve so far been unsuccessful in making anything decent-looking (I only started on it this morning, though!)

Its fuller depth looked much to me.Maybe it will look better if you raise it.