What do you guys think? :stuck_out_tongue:


I think you should take a stab at modeling it, it looks like it could be quite a challenge, but I am sure you could get close in Blender.



it looks very good! but what is that golden cross on the table?

wow, that’s a nice sword. Looks more like it was designed for ceremonial/decrorative purposes rather than combat.

About what?

If you made that, prove it.

ok, its picture, but where is render ??


GREAT JOB - realy looks like foto

Awesome work.

Can we see a wire?


Awesome artwork!!! :o

slaps his hand on his forehead
people that is a REAL sword
or…that’s what i believe

So when are you going to make it in blender.

Hahaha… yea, it’s a photo, but the fact that some of you are in doubt just proves how insanely awesome Blender is ;D

Okay… it was fine this time, sno4wyman, but here’s a tip:
DON’T DO IT AGAIN. This sort of thing can make a lot of people angry, very fast. Just ask Nathan. Don’t post “watch boxes.”

well i think everyone knew it was a real photo.

but just looking at the first post i was thinking, this is just pathetic.

not funny, not sarcastic, not creative, and certainly not witty.

if your gonna do it, at least choose a good picture that looks like it would be CG.

Alltaken %| %| %|

sigh, not funny, post locked