first time i try a sword :wink: . It went better then i expected :slight_smile:
crits are very welcome!


Looks cool, but the handle looks kinda non ergonomic :smiley: put thats just IMO and think theres to much spec on it to ( the handle ) it looks more like a dagger to me to, or Ninja sword ( they are small because of the use in small areas, ( like in house ) and more practical when klimbing house and stuff, and easy to hide )

It’s defineatly a dagger, and ninja swords aren’t always small, have you ever seen a katana? Ya. Kinda large.

Anyway, I like the handle, keep the spec, it looks good. Other than that, you should add some styling on the blade, maybe a gold inlay or something like that. With that handle, the plain blade doesn’t fit.

Here’s my constructive crit. :smiley: I’m agreeing with Hykëp, it should be more ergonomic.

  1. The hilt of the <insert sharp object here> should be rotated a little (see pic). More ergonomic.
  2. The lower part of the handle should be thinned. Right now it’s too bulky to be held well. Again, more ergonomic. (see pic)


Actually, my crit could be completely useless. Depends on how you want the <insert sharp object here> to be used. Yeah, so do whatever you want. %|

Looks nice. Make the blade longer and change the materials to some not so specular.

made some adjustments…
any ideas for what i should use as texture for the handle?


Lookin good man :slight_smile:

I like the new shape of the hilt looks like something an assasin would use. but most likly ninja.

If you go to the file menu you can save your rendered image…

Looks good to me.

As you say, an unexpectedly-good delivery. Now, I suggest that you keep that sword down, so that the handle more-or-less coincides with the floor/wall boundary line, as in the first shot. Then, crop some of the extraneous matter away on the left and right-hand side.

Katana is a samurai sword not a ninja sword.
and now the sword looks really cool love it :smiley:

Why is it floating in a parking garage, anyway? :stuck_out_tongue:

I just took some background so the reflection wouldnt look so weird %|