Swordfighting game

I’ve been working on this scene with a sword (actually, it’s more of a lightsaber) that you can control and swing around. I didn’t put this in Works in Progress because I’m too much of a noob…:slight_smile:
Anyway, you can see how I’m trying to do it in the .blend. Any suggestions or help would be appreciated (especially as pertains to the arm). :smiley:swordtry.blend (224 KB)
Sorry; I forgot to mention: the controls are the arrow keys and spacebar.

Somehow could not open the .blend file (2.57b and 1.49b) :frowning:

Crash boom bang!

Im curious to see what this actually looks like now :stuck_out_tongue:

So, everyone has 2.57 now? I think I’ll wait until June when the final release comes out to switch. I don’t have enough expertise right now to make it worth it. Oh, and 3dmedieval, you were the one with the fencing thing? I’d seen that thread, and I was thinking about that when I made this. Sorry about the .blend file; hopefully someone with 2.49b will come along…

I tried opening the blend in 2.49 but an error message appeared saying the file was incomplete.

No, I have never made a fencing game. Sorry.

Obviously, you don’t have to switch, but 2.57 is a final release. I guess you mean the 2.6 ‘final’ release? Right now, 2.57 is a whole and complete version of Blender with all of the features of 2.49. Just wanted to say that.

It’s bigger, better, faster, and has that new car smell.

I made a fencing game (see signature) :smiley:

And now I am really curious! I tried it with 2.49b though. Think the error is that somehow the upload failed, maybe try uploading again.