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This topic cropped up in the favourite games post. As this is a forum about a 3D suite, I thought it would be worth a new topic.

If you have never played Syberia, you should try it out, its the most amazing game I’ve played in a long time. Finally adventure games make a comeback!

It’s basically 3D characters that are rendered in real time, moving on top of a pre-rendered background. This should definitely appeal to anyone who liked Myst or Riven. The whole story and the graphics were conceived by Benoit Sokal, a French writer/artist, the publisher is Microids.

The story is very well told through the game, although it is not as deep as the story of Myst/Riven. The most amazing thing about the game though are the graphics. From the first frames of the opening animation, your jaw will drop, and remain on the ground as the game sucks you in. The settings and backgrounds are just extraordinarily beatiful! One review of the game said that compared to Syberia, Myst is a crayon drawing… And he wasn’t exagerating… I just can’t imagine the amount of work needed for the hundreds of detailed 3D backgrounds (wonder what program they used :). I’d say the different backgrounds from the game could be entered as at least 100 seperate images in graphics contests, and they would probably get first prize (I’m talking about Giles Tran-kind of details in the pictures).

The whole 3d world is also well concieved, all the buildings and objects are stylish, sort of a secession-style, the whole game has an old-school feel to it. All the mechanical robots are fun too :slight_smile: Besides that, the characters are well acted (with real actors for the voices), and the sound is great. And your mouth will water for the high-res (800*432, if you really want to know) cutscenes. It is definitely worth its price.

Look at
for the official site, to get a feel for the game, the characters and a bit of the story.

Besides that, search Google for the game, you’ll find other info about it.


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ack, that site almost got me in trouble. It covered the whole screen right when my boss walked in!!! well, I guess its off to google to see screenshots.

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Here are three screenshots I just made of Syberia, enjoy:


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wow :o that looks very nice!!! So how about a brief description about the story? I never buy a game unless the story is appealing.

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Looks cool
Downloading Demo 8)
Played Demo, nice graphics but odd story at least in demo