Sycamore Skillet: "Grow Higher from the Fire"

Fire is often seen as chaos and turmoil.

And quelling the flames requires great effort.

Sometimes, we can only rest a moment between infernos.

Sycamore Skillet is a reminder we can grow more resilient from hardship.

And fires can enrich soil.

Sycamore Skillet Rotating GIF

This little pantry (pan-tree) reminds me to grow higher from my fires.

He’s a 3D-printed, literal figure of speech.

And he’s one of many Artickles (art tickles) I’ve created as fun reminders of life lessons.

My hope is he also helps you smile as you grow.


I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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So grateful, thank you!

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I love the sketches and background concept development. Nice work! (or should I say wok?:drum::drum:)

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Thank you! And yes, yes you should say wok :rofl:

Thank you! Glad you enjoy it.