Syd Mead passed today

It is with great sadness I received the note this morning that Syd Mead, the great visual futurist and inspiration to so many designers, passed away early this morning.

Syd has been suffering from poor health for sometime now. What a terrific talent and an even better person.

A light has gone out in the firmament and we’re all the poorer for it.

“I’ve called Science Fiction 'reality ahead of schedule” - Syd Mead


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One by one they quietly disappear, the people who defined my childhood with movies and dreams.
I’m starting to feel old… Sigh… :frowning_face:

RIP and thanks for all the classic designs!

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A true master of the art.

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I’m glad he stuck around long enough to see the Cybertruck. Divisive though it may be, it’s got to be a good feeling to see the aesthetic that you designed coming to fruition almost 40 years later.


Oh man that’s sad - sadly that’s also life.

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