Boy, is this so true. You see I have a large Labrador retriever/ golden retriever mix. He is a nut! Over time we have developed communications. For example, he may be sound asleep on his bed and then if I even think about a walk or something he instantly on feet wanting to go. I can actually talk to him without ever saying anything and he understands. Not only that, he has taught me Labrador. I don’t know, you can’t exactly write a Labrador/Human translation dictionary, yet trust me, the communications are there, it is very difficult to explain. I know what he wants to do, and vice versa, and we don’t need computers to yak to each other. Perhaps we have always had them and just did not know how to use them, I will admit, it is a strange operating system, yet it works! Ever since he was a tiny puppy he would stare and watch me, I have no idea what he was thinking, yet I know he was… He still does that to this day. In a way it makes me wonder just who is the student and who is the teacher. I have able to do this sort of thing with all sorts of critters from mice to horses, it just takes time.

Sometimes I think that I am loony, yet I can not ignore what I know, it can be done! Inter- species communication! Now, let’s take this a step further… Just suppose that there are other life forms that exist in the cosmos, well, who is teaching whom? And what would be the purpose?

Oh well, sorry folks, not enough sleep tonight and I am rambling on… .

Cheers, pix


Stay off the drugs, kids…

What kind of remark was that, dickwad? I do not do drugs except aspirin. Perhaps you have too many in your system? :mad:

Take it easy, there’s no need to get that upset about a joke.

I’m sorry, but if this was possible, which it isn’t at the current point in time or in the near future, it would be a more wide spread and popular thing. As with everything. If 5 people claim they can fly out of the 7 billion people of earth, no one cares. Until approximately 1% of the people claim it, or a few are actually recorded in a scientific manner of doing so, it’s simply rubbish, which is exactly what you’re trying to feed everyone.

Whatever your silly fantasy may be, wake up, enjoy real life.

Why wouldn’t this be possible, at least to some extent? Interpreting an animals behavior is in no way impossible and of course an animal can interpret what you do or say as well. You tell a dog to sit and it sits, and when you’re going for a walk, you probably do something specific, which a dog easily might pick up.

I’m pretty sure most of you are familiar with the experiment “Pavlov’s dog”, Where Pavlov would ring a bell each time he fed his dog and later the dog would begin salivating as a response to bell alone.

pixelmass: maybe you’re just good at interpreting animals, and if you’ve had your dog for a long time, he will also be able to understand your behavior very well.

Interpretation is a far way off from what he was suggesting. Telling a dog to sit and it doing so is a cause effect response, generally most dogs learn to do so by some form of reward, whether it be treats or just some form of acknowledgement. Just as well as the dog learns to interpret different sounds we make. Saying the word treat before you give a dog one will eventually turn into saying treat and the dog running to the cabinet you have them in.

As far as Pavlov’s experiment, that is the exact same thing, he rung the bell then fed the dog, the dog got use to hearing the bell and realizing that feeding time was shortly afterward. I’ve taken Psychology courses at my university and heard plenty about his experiment. So you aren’t telling me anything I haven’t already studied.

Sometimes it really does seem our beagle reads our minds, and there are cases where he pre-conditioned himself (without actual training) to associate an object or sound with someone coming or something else.

When he sees us putting on sandals and showing his harness he has learned that means he’s going for a walk and gets excited. When he sees my grandmother’s car he knows that’s my grandmother and goes crazy because he’s been spoiled at her house before. When he hears the garage door open he learned by himself that means one of his masters is home and goes to the door and waits.

Also when we let him in from the yard (he has an invisible fence), he’ll sometimes go to every room in the house to find my mother (we didn’t train him to do this either), unlike the Pavlov experiment we don’t tell him when it’s feeding time, he’ll tip his dish over and tell us he’s out of food. (in the early years he’ll sometimes nudge his empty dish into the kitchen)

Our cat though shows a completely different type of intelligence, she’s learned on her own where we usually sit for long periods and uses that as an opportunity to jump on our laps when she’s inside and when she’s not seeking a nap. When I’m by myself at home she’ll find me to tell me she wants to go outside and meow when she wants her food.

There are many other signals that cats can give their nice owners (or vice versa) that humans in their subconcious obey. With me cat, I think I counted about 20 before giving up. These include the subtle complete ignore when she is at her favourite spot and needs to rubbed, and the acknowledge that you are busy and just needs to acknowledged by a quick pat. But these forms of communication can easily go to the 50’s - shows how much more efficient cats are.

No, you wake up and enjoy real life… .
In fact there are more than 1% of people that can do this.
Here, have look…

Sorry this isn’t real…the dog can’t read your mind. He has much stronger senses than you have though. He could probably smell hear and see you much better. Maybe when you was thinking about going for a walk. You sent out some signals that might not be ovious for the human. But the dog can pick up these signals because of his much better senses.

You imagening the dog can read your mind and you can talk to him by thinking is your fantasy playing with you. There are many people around the world that are victims to their imagination. Christians…muslims…hindus…people who believe in ghosts or are convinced there are ghosts.

These are dellusions that happens because of human weaknesses. They are often defence mechanisms people use to defend themself mentally. For example…if you don’t know how the world was made. And you hate not knowing this and want to come up with a explanation.

You use your fantasy…and creates in your head a god named zeus. You write this down and it spreads like a disease. Much like education and math does in school. Only these subjects are based on evidence…also believing in ghosts has a obvious explanation.

People here a sound from the upper floor of their house…hmm what could it possible be. They don’t know…and they are too lazy to go look. But they want a explanation, so they come up with something that feels good for their fragile mind.

It must be my grandfather or my mothers ghost that is walking on the alley. These are simply ways for the brain to feel comfortable within a enviroment. Or get rid of a painful memory…or it’s a way for the brain to relax.

THIS is especially dangerous if it’s being practised as a way of life. Religion is exactly this, if you would create a religon around your telekenesis. It could easily make the most morally sane person blow themself up in the name of the telekenesis god…

Your are deluded…snap out of it :wink:

That’s right - leave me cat out of it.

Dog walker in the park.

I fail to see what trying to turn this into a religious discussion has anything to do with people’s relationship with their pets.

But on the part of Vali’s post that actually is about pet/owner communication in general, dogs have better hearing and have a much better sense of smell, but their eyesight generally isn’t a strong point for dogs compared to those two other senses.

Sorry this isn’t real…the dog can’t read your mind

Even a person can read any other person’s mind if he knows all of the subtle cues and how they work together, it’s not literal brain reading or telekinetic but it works in various cases, dogs are able to put cues together as well and anyone who has a pet can tell you they and the animal have a certain ability to communicate with each other by knowledge on how to use the right cues (anything from body movement to clapping hands), the dog understanding the sounds the owner makes (like whistling), and the owner understanding some of the sounds and cues of the dog (whining, barking, shaking, tail wagging ect…). There’s also communicating through touch (like light restraint in a way to tell the dog he shouldn’t do something)

It’s not that communication between the owner and his dog isn’t possible, it generally boils down to the right techniques to use for communication with pets (which can vary depending on the pet), knowing the right cues and sounds to make without speaking words if it’s not your style to use a lot of commands.

Having had a dog for well over a decade it would seem to be there’s more to a dog’s brain than just simple association mechanics, those who think otherwise may be people who’ve never had a dog.

That is what I meant, it doesn’t read your mind through telekenesis but with their senses. Just like we can hear or see a snake getting angry at us. The people who somehow imagine there is something magical about it.

Are the people who can’t or don’t want to look up the evidence at what is really happening. And this is because the human finds comfort in whatever it’s imagening. I think in Pixelmasses case it’s because he has no real power in real life and want to have the illusion of power in some other way.

So he imagines he and his dog can read each others mind. That makes him special in his mind, and it comforts his mind. Making him forgot about how little power he has over people or the enviroment around him. He shouldn’t feel guilty though, there are a lot of people doing this. A LOT, every religious man/woman for example.

It’s something we have gotten from our ancenstors who had to endure horrible situations and run from and fight bears as big as elephants. Every human uses our fantasy at some point during our lives this way. I repeat, it’s when people turn these illusions into their life style. Or don’t forget about it, it can turn really nasty…WHATEVER YOU DO.

Don’t write you illusions down in a book…if human civilization crumbles because of christian america and we all get nuked. Someone might find the book you may have wanted to write about telekenesis down in a book. AND someone might find it 2000 year ago.

And if we are really unlucky, your illusion will make people blow themself up in the name of you in the far future. I think we should all keep our illusions to ourself, don’t post them down on forums or write them down in books. Keep them to yourself, and people will stay more sane and less deluded in the future.

EDIT: Except if you got evidence for your claims and can tell us exactly how you talk to your dog with your brain without using one of your four senses.

You made a small error in that last part, people have 5 senses, though we usually don’t use the sense of taste with dogs, so it’d be more in the way of using 4 out of the 5 senses at most.:wink:

That isn’t scientific proof, just proof you’re ignorant and willing to jump on the dimwit train at any moments notice. Why don’t you go make a religion out of it, it’ll be successful, how do you think all the others are started… Ignorance, pure ignorance… I’m done talking to you… I’ve got more intelligent matters to attend to.

well…I don’t think they can read our minds in the “usual” sense (like in stories and things), but they are quite…in-tune? can’t find the right term…well, what I mean is, your cat or dog friend seems to know when you’re sad or sick or depressed, etc., and they come to see you…

and anyway, I don’t think Pixel’s post is meant to be taken 100% word-for-word…from what I’ve seen of pixelmass’ similar threads, they seem… light-hearted? :slight_smile: still can’t think of the right term

but of course, I might be mistaken… @pixelmass - if I am, no offence intended at all, pixel :smiley:

Not really, it just proves that you are closed minded and rather ignorant (note that I did not say stupid). You can’t help how you were trained and educated. However, if you can’t see the whole picture, it is only because you refuse to open your eyes (so to speak). Do me a favor and just quit trying to be something superior, you are not. I might suggest listening to other peoples ideas and the giving them some thought before you go barging out like the schoolyard bully and screaming “I AM RIGHT, YOU ARE WRONG, AND NOW I GOING TO POUND YOUR ASS”. That approach just really doesn’t work, and besides that, you will find yourself staying after school having to write on the blackboard over and over again.

Now you just go out and attend your more important matters (whatever those may be) and remember to keep your closet door closed lest any light slip in.

I know this is going completely off-topic, but as this thread is on it’s way to turning into a flame war anyway, I thought I’d just say a few words about this.

Actually humans have far more than 5 senses, though some of them are not something you would necessarily consider a sense. But there are 7 senses, that I think are commonly mentioned when talking about human senses. Besides, taste, smell, sight, hearing and touch, there is also the balance and acceleration sense, and the kinesthetic sense (which tells you the relative positions of your body parts.

Not trying to troll, but everyone else is right, he isn’t reading your mind, it’s association. He knows when this happens, this is next, so be ready. We do it to, when someone says “Watch out!” you automatically look around for immediate danger. It’s just knowing what’s coming next based on past experiences.