I started this for blender art book yet I wasn’t able to finish in time so put it aside for quite some time and finished just recently. about 98 percents done in blender. some slight correction in photoshop and smokes from gimp.


The feet are really weird looking, other than that, great job!

Actually, you’re right. duno, maybe because it’s anatomy (cuz I had to model this without proper blueprint, just some refs) or perhaps it’s going through some objects because at first it was made for different proportions female…

The title made me click on this. You need some more anatomical knowledge but it looks pretty good I quess…

@AlinB Thanks. By saying that only the title made you to click image do you mean that it’s not representing idea or that it’s not that good to draw eye with thumbnail? If so, could you list out things that could be improved? Lastly I totally agree about anatomy yet again, are you talking about entire body or just feet?

I’m gonna say he’s talking about the entire body. A lot of it feels very off. The arms look almost swollen, the shoulders feel flat, the pelvic region seems too square… It’s not by an insane amount as I’ve seen elsewhere shudders, but it’s more than enough to feel wrong.

Thanks, actally I’ve been learning anatomy a while ago by drawing it on paper, my figures on paper seems at least a bit better. I’m not really sure how to increase my anatomical skills in 3d. By sculpting from reference?