Symbol and ideology "statments" in avatars and sig

OK. To whom it may concern:

Could we please do without the symbol and ideology bashing in sigs and avatars? It looks bad. Sure, to you it’s a statment about all that is wrong with the institution it represents. But when someone else who is a believer in that symbol, or ideology sees your statement. They see it as an attack on the ideals behind that symbol, or ideology, on what it represents to THEM, not to you.

In other words, one person’s burning symbol of hypocracy and shame is another’s desecrated symbol of self-sacrifice and good.

Look I’m all for freedom of speech, but putting this kind of “statment” in your sig or avatar is not the best way to promote the friendlyness we pride ourselves on here.

Allright I’m off my soap box now.

If you’d please lend me your soap box, I’d like to say that avatars and signature should not be used for offensive means. Even though that might not be one’s goal, one has to keep in mind the divergence of opinions of others and respect that.


agreed… if you want to debate on it, post a thread.


FYI- My avatar isn’t serious. It’s there as a joke, alltaken took my avatar once (american flag) and made a (nice) ms|paint job on it with flames. I dug up a UN flag bruning image off the net and am using it as a joke (as I was joking about making it one about a week ago with alltaken).

It’s a joke.

Hence the reason I didn’t go flaming sebastian, because his is probably a joke as well.


Yes, my point was that, while I and a good part of the users here might be sensitive enough to see it as a joke, some might not.


somebodys gotta touch up there PS skills, i cant even tell what it is :o

:stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

but i agree 100%!

/me runs and puts a swastica in his avatar… :stuck_out_tongue:

Agreed. I know that most people will ether just see it as a joke, or that persons opinion, and hopefully respect it. But some people can get very offended seeing something they believe very strongly in, bashed to pieces by someons sig.

I wan’t the swastica! I’m the one being regarded through out europe as the world no.1 manace :stuck_out_tongue:

now seriously… it’s will be much better if you’ll talk… if it was a joke than remember that not everyone can understend the consept and the probably halerious stiuation that stands behind it… like in Dittohead case (eventhough it’s hard to defined as halerious).

fianlly, I want to add that it’s quit weird that a thread about a man coming from the future and a women giving birth to a frog like baby get’s much more posts than a thread conserning freedom of speech.

Ok, it was a joke, got it. And I understand there’s a history behind it that I was unaware of. It just strikes me as being in bad taste when I see stuff like this in people’s avatars or sigs around here. Look, I’m not picking on anybody. I’m sure no harm is intended. I just think it’s inadvisable to do it.

What about those who don’t know it’s a joke? Hmmm?

First point is it’s not photoshopped, it’s a real UN flag being burned.

Second point is that those who don’t know it’s a joke might not be able to tell what it is, which is good because I chose that image because it wasn’t legible (and it has the same placement of the flames that alltakens retouch had), thus making it a masked target.

I’m not meaning to piss anyone off, just make a jibe at alltaken, who justly deserves it. :stuck_out_tongue:

well the main failure of dittos avatar to impress is one.

the UN flag doesn’t have the same level of patriotism and personal connection that the US flag has.

the UN flag burning doesn’t have any offensive effect on me at all, even though i support the UN.

but the US flag, which is a symbol that has been put into americans heads from birth, has a huge amount of emotional connection, and a huge amount of status (even compared to my countrys flag, i wouldn’t be offended in the slightest if someone burnt my flag LOL)

it is a uniqueness of the american flag, that makes it offensive to burn.

heck dittos didn’t offend me even more because i had no clue what it was LOL. just thought it was bad Blender work :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:



The only other thing I could’ve done was make distasteful jokes about your mother. But that’s just mean, and it would’ve had no bearing on the subject of the flag.

You beat me, now it’s time to dig up another butt-ugly-cat.


LOL ditto

saddam or bin laden with a bullet hole in their head and blood pouring out with a slogan like “lets kill all muslims” would ofend me LOL

also a burning cat would offend me.

slightly more effective than burnign UN flag LOl
10 for effort though :stuck_out_tongue:


Of course, if you insist on digging up dead cats and take their pictures… :wink:


saddam or bin laden with a bullet hole in their head and blood pouring out with a slogan like “lets kill all muslims” would ofend me LOL

A little (lot actually) too extreme, but of course a picture of either one with bullet hole in their head wouldn’t hurt…so long as it lacks the obviously flawed mentality statement that all muslims are better off dead.

also a burning cat would offend me.

Would me too…this certain cat needed a bath though… :wink:

10 for effort though


Of course, if you insist on digging up dead cats and take their pictures…

Nope, this one’s alive, just wet. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh please, I think the bigger problem is how moronically easy some people are to offend. This is hardly anything to complain about, if this bothers you how do you watch any TV or movies and read the news for that matter?

It’s who we are, and if it offends you, it’s you with the problem because there should be an attempt to understand people first. With understanding, no one would ever get angry (I haven’t felt anger in a long time).

damn this cat is ugly!

Ditto, thanks for humoring me. I appreciate your understanding even though my taking issue with this may seem silly.

Ironicly, I’m relatively hard too offend, and it’s for the percisely the reason you say. I attempt to understand people. To see where they’er comming from and what their intentions are. Sometimes I fail at this, but I do make the effort and I know it’s value.