symbols hieroglyph

i’m trying to reproduce an old fresco of hieroglyphe
and some of the symbols are difficult to identifie
if anybody can help to clarify theses symbols or has a better pic of this fresco
let me know
see pic

i would appreciate the help a lot


Can you post the original image - without the drawings on top of it?

Found this on wikipedia, it seems to contain most of those symbols

ok i did get this page on wiki and - but ond’t remember if it has anything to do with the book of dead

but i can see some of the hieroglyph symbols used on the othee pic - interesting
but what is the menaing of theses symbols wold be interesting too

what is the web site for this Pic ?

the ori for the book of the dead can be found at theses sites

but even theoriginal as shown seems to be blurred and difficult to read
unless there is a better version somewhere whch i did not see yet
if anybody has a better pic for this i wold be helpfull

alsoi did check out teh Gardiners list of symbols ( > 500 ) and did not see some of the hieroglyph shown on this book of the dead picture

so i’m not certaij what the meaning is and how to draw theses synbols !

anothere thing that the night broght me is the fact that the book of dead was written very late in the history of egyp and might no be hieroglyph per say but more hieretci language!
but i’ll check more on this !


i look athe pic provided and found one on the symbol
but agian this symbol is used many times butnot always drawn the same way
so it is still unclear how do draw it the proper way and what is the meaning of this hieroglyph

see pic


@RickyBlender: the position of the symbols indicate different words/pronunciation depending on the language. I don’t know what they mean.

i hve th tranliteratin from gardiner’s list of symbols

but some of the hieroglyp shown in the book of dead don’t have a symbols in the gardiners 's list of symbols

so not certain what theses hieroglyph are !

lookat pic these two hieroglyph seems tobe the same but not drawn the same way
looks like a kind of bird but it’s not shown in the gardiners’s list of hieroglyph!


Found 2 images with bigger size than this on wikipedia - B&W

Just curious how is this connected with 3D modeling? :slight_smile:

THANKS I DID NOT see theses pic on the web

i’ll look at it more carefully may be find new info in there

i’m beginning to get the whole thing but theses hieroglyph are not easy to read
see pic


Just refining the search :slight_smile:
New one…


Probably this is too much already…
On this one the hieroglyph that you’re asking for, looks differently - it’s like a bird or a dog


A menu to my favorite food items!

but many of the logogram ath the top are almost unreadable

see pic

if anybody has a better pic i cold improbe on it